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Terry Jack Kisler - 04-30-2003
This site looks really good. Can't believe I saw it just three days online. Hoping to see more soon.
Linda (Hubbard) Rothstein - 04-30-2003
Ya'll are doing a truly phenomenal job!  Looking so forward to seeing everyone...and Edison..and Tulsa .etc. etc. See ya'll in September.
Please everyone..spread the word..the more the merrier!
Jerry Owens - 04-29-2003
Great job on a super web site. Forty (?!) years, amazing. What a ga'zillion paths this Class has traveled in this amount of time. I hope each of you realized your hopes, dreams and that happiness has stuck to you like the honey did running off the fresh rolls at Pennington's.
Bonnie Jean Leighty - 04-29-2003
Wow man!  This site is sooooo radical.  Kudos to whomever is responsible for this far out web page.  This just shows to go you, there were people in the class of 63 who were not losers!  Let's do lunch.  Peace, B.
Keni Schooler LaTronico - 04-29-2003
My brother, Ron Schooler, was in this class. He is deseased.   I wanted to see if any of his friends that I (as little sisters will) had crushes on were listed.
Butch Murphy - 04-28-2003
Just the music and few pictures brings back memorys which seem like a dream. Jim Mayden has kept me up on the class information over the years. Looking forward to the reunion.  Hope to make it. We are all probably looking more at quality of life issues now and less of the competiveness.  Thanks for the great effort.
Bill Sullivan - 04-28-2003
Great idea!   I'm looking forward to returning to this site often.  It'll help jog my memory and maybe reestablish some old friendships!  I don't see Walter Brant listed anywhere.  I hope that he'll show up.
Becky Matney Jones - 04-28-2003
What a terrific way to keep in touch!  I am quite impressed.  Keep up the good work as you build the web site.  I am really looking forward to the reunion.
Virginia (Ginny) Wilson Lewis - 04-27-2003
Hi everyone!  Isn't this an awesome website. Can't wait to see everyone.
Tom Manley - 04-27-2003
I'm impressed! The Edison Class of '63 Website looks professionally done thus far; and I can hardly wait to see the finished product!
Bill Leighty - 04-27-2003
Hello everyone and welcome to the Official Edison High School Class of 1963 Website.   The site came online April 27th, 2003 so it's development is a work in progress.   Please check back often to view updates and new content which we will be adding regularly.   We encourage your suggestions and your input so we can build a diverse site which will appeal to all.   Thanks again for visiting and we hope you will visit often.  

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