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Edison High School Class of 1963 - Photo Galleries

Welcome to our Edison High School Photo Galleries feature.    You can help enhance the appeal of our Website by contributing your photos to these galleries.   Your classmates want to see both old and new photographs so dig through the attic and archives and start posting your treasures.   If you do not have the required digital format to upload (jpeg preferred) you can take your photos to a print shop like Kinkos and have them scanned to a disc.   If you need more help let know.  

And, if you or a group of classmates would like to start a completely separate special interest photo gallery you may submit a request by clicking on the contact administrator button.   So, have some fun and show us your STUFF!

  • 1 Year Reunion

  • 1 Year Reunion

  • 1 Year Reunion

  • 10 Year Reunion
  • If you have photographs from the Edison High School Class of 1963 Ten Year Reunion, post them here. ¬†

  • 20 Year Reunion
  • If you have photographs from the Edison High School Class of 1963 Twenty Year Reunion, post them here.

  • 30 Year Reunion
  • If you have photographs from the Edison High School Class of 1963 Thirty Year Reunion, post them here.

  • 40 Year Reunion
  • These high resolution photographs were taken by our professional photographer and all of them will be included on our Special CD / DVD Photo Memory Package available on the website soon for only $22.

  • 45 Year Reunion
  • 45 Year Reunion

  • 50 Year Reunion
  • 50 Year Reunion

  • 60 Year Reunion
  • 60th Reunion

  • 70th Birthday Party

  • Class Museum
  • Hey all of you Edison High Shcool Classmates, help us preserve our 1963 Class history. Upload your artifacts and memorbilia from the past here in our Class Museum. ¬† With the size of a class like ours, this could grow into something special if everyone will contribute a little something, so make the effort to see what you have that might be appropriate for this area.

  • In Memory of
  • Forever young.......in memory of our classmates who have passed away. Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing but celebrate how they touched our lives. ¬† Please consider sharing your favorite photographs of those we all miss so much. ¬†

  • Look at us now
  • We are getting older and proud of it! Yes like it or not.....we're all getting a little grayer, a few more wrinkles, carrying a few extra lbs, a few less hairs. It's part of life! Share recent pictures of yourselves with classmates or with your families.. Simply click add photos link. ¬† This is where you 'break the ice' for others, so be BOLD show us your smiley face!

  • Looking Back
  • Your Edison Classmates are going up in their attics, dusting off their scrapbooks and sharing their favorite personal photos from yesteryear. Help us document the candid parts of our great Class of 1963 by posting your old personal photos here. ¬† The addition of new content is very important in keeping our site dynamic and appealing. ¬†

  • Misc
  • This is and Administrative Gallery not available for public posting.  Please post your photos in another gallery.

  • We Got Together
  • Have you gotten together with some of your Edison Class of 63' classmates recently? ¬†If so, why not post pictures of your get togethers for others to enjoy. ¬†Have fun, be nice!

  • Yearbook
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† Welcome to our electronic class yearbook. ¬† The images posted here were scanned from a 1963 Torch Yearbook. ¬† We are not completely satisfied with the quality of some of these photos and if you are able to achieve better results scanning any of them, let us know. ¬† Jpeg format is preferred. ¬† Just email your pictures to the Administrators. ¬† If you see missing pages, they are lik...

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