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Joe A McKoy - 07-16-2006
Greetings Class of 63.  I was a junior at Edison when my family moved to Texas so I never got the privilege of graduating with  such a great group of people as you.  Your website is well crafted and brings many memories back to mind.
I'm living in Austin, Texas, now since 1973 amd often think about old pals like Charles Grimes and Judy Eskridge.  Best wishes to all.  
Austin Wheeler - 06-22-2005
I found this really cool since I go to school there now!!
Robert E.(Bob) Martin - 12-15-2004
This is truly a website class of '63' can be proud of. I often think of the good old day's. My job sometimes takes to Tulsa, Im on the contact list, would like to here from you. Now that Im retired from the Military and back in the good old U.S.A I will try and make the next reunion. Again for those who put this website together my hat goes off to you and the music is awsome.
Bill Davenport - 12-12-2004
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Linda Buck?
Ronald Koski - 10-17-2003
Hello, Edison High School Class of 1963 graduates, Tulsa, Oklahoma. You have a colossal web site, and an energetic, and exciting group of 1963 graduates. Isn't it exciting just to get excited about our past and future and to renew friendships and develope new ones? What about digging out the old stuff from boxes ready to fall apart in your hands because they haven't been moved in over 40 years. Boy, we all have some kind of memorabilia or stuff we can pull out of the attic, basement, or closets, to show and share to others, don't we? Hey, Edison High School Class of 1963, you've done a great job on your web site, and feel free to visit us at our web site....denfeld63.com.... Denfeld High School Class of 1963 and The Home of The Fighting Hunters.....I thank you very much for letting me visit you web site. I'll be back. WOW! and SUPER!........Ronald Koski, Your friend from the North.
Carol Clark Hove - 09-13-2003
Great web site.  I wish that I could have been with everyone at the reunion.  Life is a real interuption to the fun things in life. Thanks for all the planning and hard work that it takes to put something like this on.  You guys are great!  I will definately make it to the next one.
Steve Garey - 08-30-2003
You have a great website! I saw so many familiar faces. I only wish I could have stayed at Edison instead of moving out of state in the 10th grade. I would have loved to graduate from Edison. To all of you....have a wonderful reunion!!
James Hemphill - 08-30-2003
Dear Mates:
Congratulations to all survivors.
Am a Sidereal Astrologer living in San Francisco.
Many great memories, I played drums in “The Band”. We had three black singers and five white musicians and played many social club dances.
Does anyone have any information about the triplets Curt, Clyde and Keith Edwards?
Good luck, love, and thank you,
Kip LeCrone - 08-26-2003
What a nice site!  Thanks to those that created it.  I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to make it or not, but I will be thinking about all of you.  It is amazing how the world has changed since we were in school.  Listening to the musig, I couldn't help but think how ionnocent we were.  I'll always remember our senior year as one of the most pleasant times of my life.  Few worries (the biggest being whether we we're going to ghe Drive-in on Friday or Saturday night), great friends, and our whole lives ahead of us!

Dick East - 08-22-2003

I appreciate the call today.  Ginger, my wife of a short 38 years, and I will not be able to make the reunion.  I wish we could be there!  I know it will be a blast.  The website is great.  I want to take this time to thank you and all the reunion coordinators on all of the work you'll have done to make this 40-year reunion a sucess.  I can't image how much work it takes!  

I can't wait till 50.  I'll try to load some recent photos, we all look so young.


Harold D. Freeman - 08-22-2003
Very nice website.  Who came up with the sports trivia answers?  John Francis Yeager Stambaugh the Third  never played center.  He was afraid his football pants would rip if he bent over that far.
'J.O.' (John) Williams - 07-26-2003
Hey, I love the background music on the website!  You've done a great job (reunion committee) putting this all together!  It's great!
I'm planning to attend the 40th and see how many of my team mates on the wrestling team kept their athletic physiques! (Ha!)
I'm looking forward to seeing you all!
Larry Young - 07-13-2003
I always thought a class reunion would be the last thing I would get excited about...but I am pumped!!!  Great to see the pictures and names of old friends but nothing better than the real thing...see you in September.
Genia Ball True - 06-10-2003
Amazing how so many 'young' folks like us could be out of school for 40 years.  I am sure it is a mistake in the math!  The good news is WE MADE IT.  Good luck to everyone now and in our old age when our children get to take care of us!
Janie Reece Halliwell - 06-08-2003
Yaaaaaaaaaay.  Wild horses couldn't keep me away from our reunion.
I plan to (Skilly)dance my socks off.  

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