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Edison High School Class of 1963 - Message Board

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Who was your favorite teacher?
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Co- Administrator
05-04-2003 10:30pm
For me, it was a tie between John Butts and Majorie Landry.  Both nice people and GOOD teachers.   Ms Landry passed away a few years ago, but if anyone is in contact with John Butts, I hope they will tell him about our web site and I would love to see him at the reunion.

Re: Who was your favorite teacher?
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Grant Youngman
06-24-2003 11:36am
Have to be a toss up between Mrs. Notley and Dobelbower

Re: Who was your favorite teacher?
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Bill Sullivan
08-05-2003 12:42am
I was really fond of Don Hastings.  He inspired us to work hard and to think about the biological sciences as a career.  (His instruction about bacteria and viruses directly affected my career decision.)  Marjorie Landry was very intelligent and pounded mathematics into our hormone infused brains.  She was easy to 'set off', providing many moments of distraction from the subject matter.  Martha Cole was a sweetheart and I loved everything she presented except for the poetry.  I've always loved writing and she seemed to enjoy my approach to theme topics.  I wish that she could be cloned for today's youth.  Beatrice Notley was one of the kindest and most encouraging teachers I've ever encountered.  I still remember some of my latin and surprised my daughter when she took latin in school.  Carl Ford was very serious and liked my drawings.  I could, on occasion, get him to smile...no small accomplishment!  Last, but not least, is Evelyn Parish.  I was, and am still, convinced that she lived the history she taught.  As a Catholic, I particulary 'enjoyed' her perspective about the role of the 'CATH-o-LIKS' in european history.  I don't think that she was Catholic...

Re: Who was your favorite teacher?
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Anne Dickson
08-20-2003 12:21am
I loved Mr. Haynes who taught English out in the 'pre=fabs' and also Mr. Martins for Ancient & Medival History.  Both great people.  Also Mrs. Landry in math put up with alot from us and had many practical jokes played on her.  Anyone remember that car of hers?

Re: Who was your favorite teacher?
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Kip LeCrone
08-26-2003 11:21am
Mine was Mr. Dobelbower.  He put up with my antics and actually got me to learn something.

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